Facilities and Amenities Sports and Recreation

NUST affords an array of sports and other recreational facilities to its students, faculty, and staff. Sports infrastructure includes athletic tracks; cricket, hockey, and football grounds; various indoor sports facilities; gymnasia, etc. NUST has also recently established Pakistan’s first university-based Horse-Riding Club and a one-of-a-kind Sports Complex, which includes swimming, archery, basketball, badminton, tennis, bowling, and other sports. The purpose of establishing such a facility is to invoke the urge for a healthy lifestyle among the NUST community, including students, alumni, faculty, staff, and their families. Moreover, there are also 80+ student-led Clubs and Societies across all campuses that inspire students to display and refine their dynamic literary, creative, and artistic abilities and aptitudes in the company of like-minded individuals.




NUST Sports Scholarship Policy

NUST offers a full (100%) tuition fee scholarship for one academic year in which a player represents Pakistan or wins any medal at the National or International level. NUST also offers half (50%) tuition fee scholarship for one academic year in which a player wins a medal at the National level in the University Competitions.

NUST’s High Achievers in Sports

Name Competition Achievements
Ifra Wali Skier Gold Medalist

National & International Competition

Fatima Sohail Skier Gold Medalist

National & International Competition

Sara Manzoor Tennis Winner all Pakistan tournament
Mubraiz Ahmed Golfer Representation International Championships
Ayeza Waheed Football Gold Medalist National Championship

Represented Pakistan in Sports Diplomacy Exchange to USA

Faiza Zafar Squash Gold Medalist National & International Championship
Syed Muhammad Dawood Ali Shah Rugby Silver Medalist in International Rugby Championship
Zaheer Ahmed Wall Climbing Gold Medalist in National Wall Climbing Championship
Mamoona Wali Khan Volleyball Bronze Medalist in National Volleyball Championship