Facilities and Amenities Facilities at NUST

NUST, inter alia, affords an all-inclusive campus life accessible to every student. This is evident from the provision of all essential facilities and amenities on campus, ranging from hostels and messes to fully functional student centres offering multiple services and articles for day-to-day use. As for hostels, there are separate blocks for boys and girls, and each residence has an excellent network of support staff. Hostels offer fully furnished bedrooms with an Internet connection and are located within walking distance of schools and cafeterias. In addition to that, students can refuel between classes or relax after their hectic day by being at any of several on-campus cafeterias, some of which are entrepreneurial ventures of NUST students. Moreover, in order to help maintain a safe campus environment, NUST has highly trained security personnel, who are on guard 24/7. The university also has a traffic monitoring system and a range of transportation options, including an on-campus shuttle service, and an e-tag facility for the convenience of daily commuters. Moreover, NUST Medical Centre (NMC) renders services at all times to cater for the healthcare needs of students, faculty, staff and their families. Similarly, the Centre for Counselling & Career Advisory (C3A) provides primary mental health services, making NUST the only university in Pakistan offering this service to all its NUST students, faculty, personnel and families of those associated. Last but not the least, there are ample sports and recreational facilities on campus, which not only inspire a healthy lifestyle amongst students but also develop leadership and decision-making skills amongst them.

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