Facilities and Amenities Housing and Dining

NUST also provides comfortable and affordable on-campus accommodation facilities to its faculty, students and employees. There are fully furnished hostels with dining and miscellaneous amenities to enable students to pursue their academic goals without usual distractions of routine life. Likewise, the faculty and employees are provided with serene and secure on-campus residence, which assists them in unswervingly execute their professional responsibilities. The residential areas have adjacent recreational facilities for adults and children to facilitate a healthy and all-encompassing life experience on campus.

NUST also extends quality messing facilities to both students and employees. Apart from exclusive messing arrangements within all hostels, and faculty and officer accommodations, there are cafeterias and tuck shops at different locations and in close proximity to different institutions, offices, gymnasia and residential blocks. In conjunction, there are messes for faculty and officers to facilitate working lunch/dinner on daily basis.


  1. Cafeteria
  2. Mini Mart
  3. Photo shop
  4. Barber shop
  5. Ladies’ Shop including ladies parlour
  6. Computer hardware shop
  7. Cellular shop
  8. Business Centre Services
  9. Stationery shop
  10. Dining / function halls


NUST Islamabad Campus provides hostel facilities essentially to the outstation students as per hostel allotment criteria. The hostels are equipped with all the facilities necessary for comfortable living.

The hostel routine allows the students to utilise their time in the best possible manner. The management is at their service round the clock.


  1. Fully furnished accommodation
  2. Cubical / Bi-seater rooms with attached washroom
  3. Bi-seaters / Tri-seater rooms with community Washroom
  4. TV Room
  5. Well-equipped Mess in each hostel
  6. Laundry
  7. Gymnasium
  8. Badminton courts
  9. Table Tennis
  10. Billiard Board
  11. Vending Machine
  12. Electric Oven and Iron
  13. Internet facility
  14. Radiator Heating System
  15. Medical cover for 24 hours
  16. Shuttle service on Holidays


 The student committees work efficiently at all hostels to ensure smooth coordination between administration and students

  1. Hostels Society
  2. TV Hall, Gym, Laundry & Sports Society
  3. Mess Committee


Hostel Accommodation in the relevant category is strictly allotted according to the application seniority list. The separately located hostels for males and females have been named after great Muslim scholars, as under:

  1. Rumi Hostel    – PG Students
  2. Johar Hostel    – PG Students
  3. Ammar Hostel – PG Students
  4. Ghazali Hostel – UG Students
  5. Beruni Hostel – UG Students
  6. Razi Hostel – UG Students
  7. Rahmat Hostel – UG Students
  8. Attar Hostel – UG Students
  9. Liaquat Hostel – UG Students
  10. Hajveri Hostel – UG Students
  11. Zakariya Hostel – UG Students
  1. Fatima Hostels Block-I & II – PG Students
  2. Zainab Hostel – UG Students
  3. Ayesha Hostel – UG Students
  4. Khadija Hostel – UG Students
  5. Amna Hostel – UG Students

Note: National UG Students in 1st to 3rd Semester will be allocated tri-seater accommodation in the hostels.


  1.  Single occupancy (with attached bath)  – PKR 9,085/- per month
  2. Double occupancy (with attached bath)  –  PKR 7,590/- per month
  3. Double occupancy (with community bath) – PKR 6,210/- per month
  4. Triple occupancy (with community bath) – PKR 5,578/- per month
  1. Single occupancy (with attached bath) – USD 75/- per month
  2. Double occupancy (with attached bath) – USD 65/- per month
  3. Double occupancy (with community bath) – USD 55/- per month
  4. Triple occupancy with community bath – USD 45/- per month
  1. Single occupancy (with attached bath) – USD 120/- per month
  2. Double occupancy (with attached bath) – USD 85/- per month
  3. Double occupancy (with community bath) – USD 70/- per month
  4. Triple occupancy with community bath- USD 55/- per month


Refundable security will be charged at the time of allotment



Follow the step-by-step guide below to apply for accommodation at NUST Hostels:

  1. Newly enrolled students may apply for hostel accommodation online. Postgraduate students may apply at nust.edu.pk and undergraduate students may apply at ugadmissions.nust.edu.pk
  2. Students already studying at NUST may apply through their Qalam account
  3. Once the application is approved and accommodation is allotted, a six-month Hostel Accommodation Charges and Hostel Security Charges challan will be issued by the Finance Fee Section on the student’s Qalam account. The challan must be paid before joining the hostel. Upon arrival, the student will submit the payment receipt to their Hostel Manager.
  4. Additionally, a monthly challan for Messing and Refundable Mess Security will be issued to the student on their registered e-mail address. The challan must be paid before joining the hostel. Upon arrival, the student will submit the payment receipt to their Hostel Manager.
  5. The student will also submit a NUST Hostel Rules Awareness Certificate to to their Hostel Manager upon arrival. Failure to comply will result in cancellation of accommodation.


  1. NUST Hostel Rules
  2. Hostel Allotment SOPs
  3. NUST Hostel Leaving Form
  4. NUST Hostels Feedback Form
  5. NUST Hostels Rules Awareness Certificate
  6. Vehicle Form
  7. Freezing of Hostel Form
  8. Mess Rules
  9. Apply Online Hostel Application Form (For MBBS / SAT National / International & PhD Students Only)


  1. Deputy Director Hostels:  +92-51-9085-1508
  2. Assistant Director Hostels: +92-51-9085-1509
  3. Assistant Director Hostels Female: +92-51-9085-1527
  4. Assistant Director Messing Hostels: +92-51-9085-1518
  5. Staff Hostels: 051-+92-51-9085-1528
  6. Staff Hostels Messing: +92-51-9085-1529
  7. Email ID: [email protected]
  1. Rumi:  +92-51-9085-1611
  2. Johar:  +92-51-9085-1613
  3. Ammar: +92-51-9085-1615
  4. Ghazali:  +92-51-9085-1616
  5. Beruni: +92-51-9085-1617
  6. Razi: +92-51-9085-1618
  7. Rahmat: +92-51-9085-1619
  8. Attar: +92-51-9085-1620
  9. Liaquat:  +92-51-9085-1621
  10. Hajveri:  +92-51-9085-1614
  11. Zakariya: +92-51-9085-1612
  1. Fatima-I:  +92-51-9085-1605
  2. Fatima-II: +92-51-9085-1607
  3. Zainab: +92-51-9085-1608
  4. Ayesha: +92-51-9085-1609
  5. Khadija: +92-51-9085-1622
  6. Amna: +92-51-9085-1610